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Sport Competitions

Interschool Sport Competition (formerly PSSA)

Students are selected to represent our school and play weekly at various locations. We participate in the Friday Beecroft Interschool Competition. Teachers select their teams based on their performance during trials and the skills they demonstrate. Each sport has a particular number of students playing on the field/court plus reserves. This limits the number of students who may be selected into an Interschool team. Successful students are offered a position within a team. We participate in some of the following sports, depending on the availability of coaches:

Summer Interschool Sport runs in Term 1, end of Term 3 and Term 4. Winter Interschool Sport runs in Term 2 and 3. This is a fee incurring activity to cover registration, field or court hire and transportation.

Knockout Competitions: NSW Interschool Knockout is a statewide competition between NSW Public Schools who enter. Teams are based on the regular Interschool team and students who have been successful in a different Interschool sport, may still be selected in a minor trial for a Knockout team. Schools go head to head in organised rounds where future draws are determined on the winner of the previous game. Teams might only play one game against another school or take it all the way to the state final.

Clinics: Clinics are offered when a local sporting club or organisation provides a free one-off lesson eg cricket clinics. This is to promote and encourage participation of this sport outside of school.

Gala Days: Gala Days are one off day competitions, where we compete against schools in the neighbouring area. Interschool sport team members are usually chosen to enter the Gala Day and additional students may be asked to form a second team. Our school’s participation in Gala Days is determined by other planned school events as they take precedence within the term.

Representative Sport: Cherrybrook Public School is part of the Beecroft Zone Interschool Sport. We compete in three annual zone carnivals: swimming, cross country and athletics. Students who represent at these carnivals are selected based on the results of our school carnivals and may be required to meet qualifying times or distances. Students from the 21 schools in the zone carnival may gain a place to Sydney North Area and potentially through to State and National carnivals.